About WEI


WEI Mortgage (WEI) was founded in 2002 as a mortgage brokerage company, originating residential loans in the DC Metropolitan Area.  In 2003, WEI officially announced its transition to being a direct mortgage lender and began expanding its operations.  From its inception, WEI has striven to provide the best loans for its customers.  This careful approach allowed WEI to successfully weather the 2008 financial crisis and experience measurable growth. In June of 2016 Angelo Gordon and ArcHome Loans acquired WEI. Currently WEI has grown its coverage to include 45 states and has offices in New Jersey and Virginia where it continues to provide quality mortgages to home buyers and homeowners.



At WEI, we conduct business with the utmost accuracy and integrity.  WEI closely follows changes in laws, rules and regulations governing and affecting the lending industry.  WEI’s growing presence in the lending industry is evidence of a solid foundation on which we have built our business.

As a member of Better Business Bureau (BBB), WEI has an outstanding A+ record with the Bureau.  WEI is an approved seller/servicer with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, a GNMA security issuer and an approved lending institution by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

WEI continues to provide quality lending products while conforming to lending industry guidelines. WEI has a team of highly-qualified loan officers and staff to educate you on the types of mortgages available and to guide you through the entire loan process.  Understanding that purchasing a home is the most important decision you are likely to make, we insist that each and every employee at WEI you work with will conduct themselves professionally and with the highest ethical standards.

 WEI Mortgage started with the simple belief that we can only grow if we have earned your trust and brought you responsible and straight-forward lending services.  We take pride in our expertise and ability to guide homeowners through the loan process with ease and confidence.

Helping you achieve the goal of homeownership is WEI’s mission.  Growing steadily, WEI is on track to become a nationally recognized mortgage lender.  Utilizing cutting-edge information technology, WEI is constantly seeking ways to lower your cost by providing you with faster and more reliable lending services across the nation.

WEI understands that buying a home is the biggest financial investment of your life.  Thus, we do not take your investment or your dream of homeownership lightly.  Our ultimate goal is to be your lender as you go through different stages in life, transitioning from one home to another and seeing your family prosper through homeownership.  As you and your family grow, we want you to know WEI can always give you the peace of mind you need to make each home purchase or refinance with confidence.


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